Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's make a deal

We understand that times are hard and that money is very tight for all of us. That is actually what led us in this direction in the first place. My husband has worked in construction since he was in high school but there is just not a lot of work to be had in his field lately, especially in such a small area as we live in so we shifted gears and put the tools to work and we get by, and we have really discovered something we enjoy doing together. That being said we realize that most of the people who come across us are probably just like us, families just trying to get by and that beds for our kids are not a luxury item, they are something we all really need. From time to time we are willing to work out a trade. If you have something we need and we have something you need why not just do some swapping. Don't get me wrong we have nothing against good old cash but here are a few things we do need or would be willing to make a trade for, if you have them but not the cash let us know the worst that can happen is we say no right. We could use a washing machine, a lawn mower and just about any kind of construction materials. We are building a home without a bank loan so if you have doors, windows, siding etc. etc. sitting around taking up room in your garage and you need a bed let us know we will give thought to any offer. You can always send us an email at and make an offer, like I said the worst that will happen is we wont want to make the trade.

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