Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Done staining the Captains bed

We are loving it, we hope our customer will as well. They had mentioned painting it black and we talked them into staining instead (the price is the same either way, we just thought that it would look better and last better stained). Whenever you change some one's mind you hope they do not regret the decision. We really like it though. It is ebony and we like the way the grain of the wood is showing through. This is the head and foot board and the parts in front of them are the base of the bed where the drawers will slide into. All of the drawer fronts are also stained, and a piece of plywood that will be the back of the headboard but they were not in a good place to take a picture. The weather was not good today so I had to stain in the house. Our house is small so that means major moving things around. We are wall to wall captains bed right now.
I love it when we get to the part where I get to stain. I love color and you never really know what you will get when you wipe off the stain. Each peice of wood can take the stain so differently, even when they are the same kind of wood and they looked the same before you put the stain on. It is an amazing process that I really enjoy.

Speaking of the way wood takes stain, we did not like the way the wood in the middle of our tests took the stain last night so we changed it. This is the value of doing tests! By the way we have some of this stain left over so if you love the color and you want your order this color just let us know. The clear coat still has to be put on tomarrow and that will darken it up a little and make it shinney.

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