Friday, July 24, 2009

Something a little different

This is a bed that we have given to our kids. It was a special order that never really got further than us building it, the part where we deliver it and get paid did not happen. So in the lemonade from lemons tradition our two youngest boys got a new bed. The bed was ordered as a triple bunk bed, but we set it up as a double loft. This is the little hole that the one on the lower bunk climbs through to get into his bed, he thinks that is very cool
The space underneath is really just enough for them to play, they have already hung a sheet to make a little cave. We think that we might build a dresser to fit under there, maybe with a shelf under for their shoes. You could also order it with shelves. The possibilities seem endless. We sell this bed for $295 unfinished and $325 with stain or paint.

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