Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Short Jeffery, as promised

These are some of the little hooligans that we have to guard against every time we are working outside. I know they look little and cute and harmless but it is amazing how badly they want to get on top of anything we set up outside,them and their full grown relatives. They will not be around at all until you have a bed set up to paint or take pictures and then all of a sudden they are everywhere just lurking around waiting for you to forget about them and then up they go. It is really great on fresh paint. So here are some pictures of the short Jeffery sort of set up. The bolts are not tight so if it looks a little wibbly wobbly it is, but it would not be set up on a flat surface with the bolts tight.
The only thing missing from these pictures is the bed slats, we include them with every bed and they make it so you can use a regular mattress instead of those special bunk bed mattresses. We already had them bundled up and wrapped in plastic wrap and once you get those things loose they are a pain to put back into neat packaging.

> With this (Jeffery) style of bed the ends are interchangeable, meaning that you can put the head or foot at any place in your room and the bed will go together just fine. The same is true of the Ciera but with the James you need to tell us which end you want the ladder at.

And isn't it a cute little ladder? Again this bed is 46 inches from the ground to the bottom of the bed rail. Standard is 56. We can make just about any adjustment that you need in the height at no exta charge. Which nicely leads to the price of this little beuty. As it sits unfinished it is $215 and if you want us to paint or stain it it would be $270.


  1. i would like to get a price for a twin ex-largesize loft. do you ship?
    contact: Gina 918-697-8546\
    my cell is 918 695-8595

  2. I did try to give you a call, I got your father and had a nice chat with him. In the off chance that you check back here, we do not charge extra for the extra long loft. And yes we can ship. You can email us at with any other questions