Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Delivery day

This is how our delivery day started. I don't think we could have fit much else in do you? This is the special Jeffery style that I mentioned. The extra long legs are for the little man to make tents with. His mom thought that he would have more fun with a bed that he could make his own tent and then change it. We met him today and he was very excited about his new bed. I love that. He was about 4 so we are talking major excitement. I love that.
This is the finished staircase at our house, it looks better when it is in the customers house.

This is the matching dresser that we delivered with the Ciera style with stairs.

Here it is all put together. It turned out great. We love it, and so does our customer so that is good all around.

This is a better picture. He had just finished painting the walls. I think it looks great with the color of the stain.

Next week we are delivering the second half of their order, a Jeremy style with stairs. Like I said with the picture of the truck we could not have fit it in the truck if we had wanted to. But we are going back that way anyway so we will get it to them next week.


  1. I am wanting this style of bunk bed for my girls, how much would one like this be?

  2. For pricing information send us an email at fhlunsfor@msn.com and we will get that to you.

  3. I am very interested in ordering a set of bunk beds! How can I get in touch with you?