Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lost and Found

I lost the digital camera and apparently my will to blog for a couple days. But now it seems all is found. This first picture may be the lamest photo I have yet posted. I think that it is very good that we make our living building furniture and not taking pictures of it. This is of the last beds that we did. These are the drawers that filled up the holes in the last picture. We did these drawers a little different than the ones on the other Captains bed that we did before, we angled the edges of the drawer fronts, and by we I mean my husband it looked great. So if you are ordering a Captian's bed or dresser or anything else we make with drawers on it and you would prefer this style of drawer front just ask. Also a quick note about knobs. We use very simple wooden knobs, they do look nice I think they go well with the simplicity of our furniture, however another reason we do that is to leave the choice up to you. I think you can really change the look of a piece of furniture with the drawer knobs. There are so many choices that you could make to match the rest of your decor or to just have fun. So we leave it to you to express yourself with the knobs, or to just enjoy the simple ones we choose. Ok moving on to our current project. This is something new for us. It is a twin over full bunk bed set in an L. Which we have done of course but the style is new to us. We have not named it yet, we only do that when it is something we will be regularly doing. Sometimes we do something and post pictures and then everyone wants it, and sometimes we only do it once. So we will hold off on a name until we see which way it will go.
These are part of the headboard and foot board. These panels will be in the frame of the other pieces below. I am terrible at describing, and taking pictures, if you are very patient you will get the idea as it comes together.

We are painting these parts before we put them together. We should be putting them together soon and then they will look more recognizable as a bed. So this will be a twin loft with a storage unit built into the end of the loft, and then a full size bed under it in a L. More pictures to come, now that the camera and my will have both been found check back for new pictures.

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