Friday, December 25, 2009


While places further north and west have been enduring blizzard conditions we have been having rain, and rain and more rain. I have not accurately measured it but on the news they said we are in the area that was going to get around 9 inches in the whole storm system. I believe have probably come close to it. This is the last picture I took last night. That is a little bridge that is on the road between our house and my parents. Usually there is about three feet down to the water here. Earlier in the day the kids and I crossed here. I carried the little guys and the big kids held on to me. But when I took this I would not have crossed that on a bet!
This was earlier in the day, but well after I crossed it with the kids. At least in this picture it looks like a road.

This little creek is usually not much of a going concern, but it was well out of its banks yesterday.

As the day progressed it made it much higher than this. I was reminded of the old Johny Cash song where he keeps asking "How highs the water momma?" We didn't really try to get out yesterday but I think that the road is not passable. Up until about 1:00 there were a few people going past, but after that we did not see one rig the rest of the day. It rained a good part of the night so I am curious to see what will be out there when the sun comes up. The temp has dropped now to the point where any more precip will be snow. But I think most of the moisture has moved out of here. We are supposed to deliver a bed to St. Louis in the morning, we will see if the weather will cooperate or not.

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