Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jeremy style twin bunks

This is our first Jeremy style in twin bunks. The color is Puritan Pine, and they look great. This set also happens to have stairs but that is an option that you can add to any of our bed styles both bunks and lofts. I think that the arches look great. This is a fairly new style for us and there are so many things we have not done with it yet. We only build to order so we have all these great ideas in our heads and we just have to wait for someone else to want it. This style could be really cute as toddler lofts or bunks. We can make it as twin over full bunks however we will only do that as a L where the bottom bed comes out from the upper one.
This picture sort of shows one of my favorite parts of when we stain a bed like this. On the side can you see the little dark circle? That is a wooden plug that is covering the lag bolt that holds the frame together, it is made out of dowel and it is not the same kind of wood as the bed frame. So when I stain the beds it takes the stain completely different from the rest of the frame. I love that little detail, when you paint it is completely lost. It just blends in and you would have to look close to even see that it is there.

These last two pictures make it look good. The stairs are just like the ones in the Ciera style before. The steps are drawers for storage, they have no knobs for tripping the handle is built into the drawer front. And they can be added to any of our beds.

Up next is a set of bunk beds that is almost completed. They are for big boys, teenagers not toddlers so we did some extra supports on them to make them safe. And then another Jeremy. This time it will be a full size loft with a desk and shelf built in. Looking foreword to that one.


  1. I have a question Im looking for a loft bed that has the steps going up the side not ladder. But I dont want the bed to go under. I want to use that part as a play area. Do you have anything like that I dont want to spend a $1,000 plus since we only have one income right now. My email is lc_duncan@yahoo.com
    Thank you

  2. Can you have someone email me, I would like to talk to you about a bunk bed for my 2 boys. I like the claire (?) set up, but would like a more boyish look to it. Wondering how much I would be spending for something like that!
    Thanks ! (jenchism420@yahoo.com)

  3. I would like a quote on the bunks w/ stairs. Like the Jeremy pictured here. Really the stairs is the important part, not so much the style....could you quote me a couple of your bunk bed prices w/ the stairs added on. It would be for two boys, a 4 yr old & a 2 yr old. You can email me at tee.time4me@yahoo.com. Thank you. Amber