Sunday, December 20, 2009

Early American

This color is called Early American and we love it. I love opening a new can of stain and seeing what it is going to be when you wipe it off. This color really brings out the grain of the wood. Personally I love stained wood, I prefer it to painted. Don't get me wrong I will paint your project any color that you are in love with. But for me stain is just beautiful it really brings out the beauty of the wood instead of covering it up. This by the way is our Ciera style and it is a twin size loft.
These are the safety and mattress rails. It is amazing how differently each piece of wood takes the stain, even in the same board for that matter. That is the fun of it for me, each time you apply stain to a new piece of wood you are going to get a new result.

Now on a totally different topic. This is the beginning of another project. It is a little play kitchen and it is for the most patient customer we have ever had. Just after we got the order my husband was injured. Only a minor injury but it has put us way behind. And they have been wonderful, patiently waiting for us to get it done. So we have finally gotten caught up to the point of starting on it. This will be a little sink and cupboard.

This will be a stove with an oven, and a microwave as well as a drawer under the oven so she can put her little pots and pans in it. I can't wait to get further along with it.

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