Thursday, December 3, 2009

Paintied away the day

So a lot of the time I show off my husbands handy work on here, this time it's all about the paint, which just happens to be my gig. First though hopefully this picture makes my blabbering on the last post make sense. This is the foot board for the full size bed that will be under the twin size loft bed. It is something new for us and I think we are liking how it is turning out. Now back to the painting. The sections of bead board were painted before he put them into the frame. The one in the background is for the headboard. They are actually two pieces glued together because they will be seen from both sides sooner or later. So to paint them they need two coats on each side. Then they get put into the frame. Then the frame has to be painted, with two coats.
This is a close up of the little feet on the foot board. This was when they only had one coat of paint. In between each coat we sand with at least 400 grit sandpaper, it makes for a smooth finish.

This is the storage unit that will be part of the twin loft bed. It has doors and drawers this is just the cabinet.

We deliver this one on Saturday. More pictures to come tomorrow.

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