Thursday, December 10, 2009


Today was a little boring, a little exciting and a whole lot cold. Our workshop is a tent right now, and you can heat it a little but the most you can really accomplish is about 10 degrees warmer than outside temp. Today it got to 31 degrees here so do the math it was a cold day. But I keep reminding myself what my dad would say when I said I was cold when I was a kid "just think warm thoughts". Anyway, first the boring part of the day, we use lumber that at first glance is not all that beautiful, but after we run it through the planer and sand it it is really beautiful. We do that for a few reasons. One is that it saves us and you money, and also when you buy basically rough lumber you can plane it down to the size you want, and you can have it all be exactly the same size. Today we finished with the big boards, but we also made trim. You can see it in this picture, it covers the rough edge of the plywood and makes it look finished. While I understand how important it is to the look of the finished piece, it is not very exciting to actually operate the planer. I generally have no patience for the mundane part of the process, I just want to get to the fun stuff. Thankfully my husband is very good at the mundane.
Here is some of the exciting part, this is a dresser that I get to stain tomorrow. Which is cool because I love to do the staining part, it is enjoyable to watch the color come to life and change the look of the piece. And the other part that I love is that I get to do it inside. Yeah.

This is one of the drawer fronts, we angled the edges of it because our customer saw something else on here that we did that to and thought it looked cool. That is how it works, you ask we do, its a good system all around.

Now for more cool. These are the stairs that will lead up to the top bunk instead of a ladder. As a mom the first thought that went through my mind when he set it up was, that will be dangerous, then he told me that he has plans (in his head, everything is always in his head which is why I am just as amazed as anyone when something is finished and I can see what he has figured out in his head) for a rail to make is safe.

So it is just sort of roughed together for the fitting and for the picture. The holes under the steps will have drawers in them, and the rail will be attached when it is finished. And it will be stained, inside where it is warm. (that makes it much easier to think warm thoughts by the way)

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