Saturday, December 12, 2009

a little bit of color

Now it is put together for real, and the color has been added. At the point the picture was taken it only has one coat of the clear finish. The next step is to sand with very fine sand paper and apply another coat, then the color looks a little richer. You can see the size of the drawers well in this picture. These stairs can be added to any of our loft of bunk beds instead of the ladder. When it is all finished there will be four drawers and the bed will be on one side as a safety rail and on the back will be a rail against the wall and another on the outside edge away from the bed so the little people who go up and down these stairs will have something to hold on to to keep them safe.
The dresser was at the same point, the stain has been applied, and dried and one coat of clear finish has been put on, next up sanding and then another coat. This is obviously a four drawer dresser, we have also made a five drawer. There is no reason we could not build a dresser in just about any shape or size. Here are the drawer fronts all in a row and stained.

That was my day of work yesterday, my hubby got the bed part for this one cut out. Today he will get it put together so that I can get it started on the staining process. This bed is a Ciera style. We also have a Jeremy to build with stairs. But it was a last minute addition (which is always ok we love having work to do) and we have another bed to deliver to another customer on the same day. So our plan is to get this bed and dresser done, and then work on the Jeffery with extra tall bed posts for making tents. Then we will get as far as we can on the Jeremy. If we do not make it before the delivery on Tuesday we already have to go back that direction again so we will bring the Jeremy the next trip. So we will just see how far we get. The time consuming part is really the staining because you have to wait for so many coats to dry, we can't rush on that it takes as much time as it takes.

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