Sunday, January 3, 2010

Play Kitchen

I have mentioned this little kitchen set before but now I actually have something to show off. He has the main parts ready for me to paint. I love how they are turning out. This is the sink. I love the little window that he made on the back. The sink will be a metal bowl. He hasn't cut the hole yet, and he has to make the doors.
This is the stove, the burners will be painted either silver or black. The knobs will turn and they will be in the inset area on the front. This one will be shipped and we do not want them to get broken off in transit so he did it that way. The oven door will have Plexiglas and so will the microwave so that she can see what she is cooking. It is coming along. This is the last thing we are really behind on from when my husband got hurt. More pictures to come as I get it painted and we get more of the details finished up. Also coming up a full size Jeremy style loft bed with a desk and a bookshelf.


  1. I would LOVE to see pictures of the finished product!!

  2. We will be selling these little kitchens. They are very fun to build so we will be happy to make more for anyone who wants one. my husband has also drawn up a refridgerator and I think a pantry. More finished pictures will be comming soon. We have them painted and just about done but have not had the time to take pictures and post about it. so check back for the more finished product soon.