Sunday, January 10, 2010

A fish story

Today was the first day I have really ventured out of the house because of my cold and because of the cold. But today it made it all the way up to 26 degrees and I am on the mend so we took the kids for a little walk over to my parents pond. It is obviously frozen over like everything else in the Eastern part of the continent. My kids are west coast kids and cold like this is new to them so we took them over to walk on a frozen pond. They thought it was great. They took advantage of the opportunity to retreive some of the tackle they lost in the trees over the summer. So that was good.

This summer my dad had an unfortunate fishing experience that left his canoe out in the pond and him wet and his cell phone ruined. He decided that it would be a good time to retreive what he lost in the pond over the summer as well. Anyway he had to break the ice out of the canoe which was about six inches thick, then we bailed the water out of it and finally he had to break the ice around the canoe which was about three and a half inches thick. Dad says that all the old timers said that if the ice was two inches thick you could drive a team of horses on it so plenty thick for walking. Anyway when he got it broke loose and water was sloshing out of the pond from under the canoe about five little fish came out onto the ice, they were not very happy with that turn of events but the kids were thrilled. I guess it must have been a warm spot under there or a hiding spot. We put them back through the hole to grow up some more. I can honestly say that was the most fish I have ever cought ice fishing before.

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