Thursday, January 14, 2010

Full size Jeremy loft

I have been trying to catch up from being sick. I'm not sure which is worse being sick or trying to catch up on everything when you get better. We have four little ones so when momma is sick a lot piles up, like laundry. And also painting beds and little kitchens. But I am getting there, this is a sneak peek at a full size Jeremy style. It is the first Full size Jeremy we have done, and it is also the first full size loft that we have built in a desk and book shelf. So we are really looking foreword to delivering it and seeing it all together. So better pictures will be coming home on Monday of this one. This one is behind because of my sickness and a big thank you to the customer's who have been awesome about it. It is always stressful to have to say we can't make the deadline. But when people are so kind and patient it makes it better, I still hate to be the reason we are late on a delivery but sometimes I guess life happens to all of us.

Tomorrow we are delivering a twin size Clair loft with a storage unit underneath. It is also painted white which is sort of a theme we have going lately. But I will get some pictures up of it when we get home or on Saturday.


  1. Hi, I have this older victorian type white furniture that I LOVE but the set has a full bed that will not fit into my daughers room. I was wondering if you could make a similar version of the bed in bunk beds? And was wondering how much that would cost. I did send an email but wasn't sure it went through. I can send you pictures so you have an idea of what I am talking about. Thanks. My email is and my name is Robyn

  2. Hello, We are looking to adopt and we need more beds. We would like to have a full loft with the stairs with drawers on one end and then an armar on the other end. then we would like a twin on the bottom with a dresser. We want it painted white. How much would this run us. We Live in lebanon and do not have a truck so would you be able to deliver or would we need to find a way to get it home. My email is