Saturday, January 23, 2010

Texas bed #1

So bed #1 is pretty much finished and it is very cute. But first we have changed the color of the second bed. Or more accurately our customer has changed the color of the second bed. We don't make those kind of decisions. This does happen sometimes. She looked on the Minwax website and liked the first color called Pearl Grey. But when we put it on wood and sent her a picture it was not what she had in mind. It could be they used different wood, or maybe even mislabeled the color who knows. At any rate she loves the one on the bottom which is called Deep Ocean. I love it too. In fact I love it so much that I had to save it for last, one of those little things I do. Like eating my peas first and saving stuffing for last. I can't wait to see it on the bed today. That is the first thing I get to do when I stop blogging. This is a process that we always do when we are working with a custom color. It can look so different on the wood that we always test it and send you a picture first. That way if it is not what you wanted we can make a change and it is no big deal. Now about the first bed. It is sort of a mixture of two styles, here on the bottom it looks like a Clair.

But here on top it looks a little like a Jeremy, maybe we should call it a Clairamy.

It also has curved safety rail, just one because it is for a teenager. And it has a built in dresser and shelves. And it has stairs. These stairs will be a little different from the other's because they don't have sides. Well it is time for me to stop talking about the beds and get to work on them. He is pretty much done building and now it is all up to me to get the finish on so we can deliver on Monday.

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