Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We are going to TEXAS

Sorry no pictures in this post because we forgot to bring our camera when we delivered the full size Jeremy loft with the shelves and the desk. I hate it when we are stupid, but looking foreword instead of back we are very excited that we are going to Texas.

We got an email several weeks ago inquiring about a bed and it was signed their name and Texas. I assumed Texas county which is not too far away. But it was the real Texas. So we had more conversations through email and they decided to buy the beds, and we decided that we could take a little trip and deliver them much cheaper than shipping. So everyone wins. This is the beauty of being your own boss. One of us can say, "hey do you want to deliver some beds to Texas?" And the other one can say "Sure why not" That is that we are on our way.

As a bonus the beds are going to be cool. I will be posting some pictures as we get things done. So far just preliminary work, planing and cutting nothing exciting for a picture.

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