Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clair style with a desk.

This is the bed we delivered on Friday. It is a Clair style twin loft with the storage unit and a writing desk. I know these look like the same picture but they are not, just from the same perspective.
We have several different variations of this style coming up. Next week we are building one with stairs, for a big girl sot he stairs will be a little different than the ones we have already done. That one will be stained pickled oak, I am looking foreword to that. And we have one coming up that will be stained early american, I am really looking foreword to that, I love that color and also it will be nice to see this style in a darker stain, I think it will really change the look of it.


  1. I really love this bed. we are going to redo my daughters room and shes going to get a trundle bed. this one looks PERFECT. the color is right too. Please let me know if you still have it and how much it is. Thank you!

  2. Umm.. How do I e-mail and ask questions, and call, or buy these products?

  3. In order to get ahold of us you can send us an email at . We can give you pricing information and answer any questions you may have.