Saturday, January 23, 2010

The thing about the second Texas bed

We have cats, they are outside cats, they are meant to keep the mice away but I think only one of them does that and it is the one that just showed up one day out of the blue and decided it lives here now. Two of them are brother and sister and they don't give us the impression that thy are very smart. We like them but they just don't seem like head of the class material. This one went out into the shop because it was warm. When Freddy turned on the planer and it started to rain down wood shavings it just stayed asleep. Really cute, not so bright This is bed number one again or the Clairamy. It has a whitewash finish going. Now I have to say that this is growing on me. I am a woman who likes to have a noticeable result for my efforts. And when I put this stain on, it looked just the same as before. That does not mean I don't like it. It just means that the child inside of me was not satisfied with the subtle difference in color. Now that it is done and I look at it I do like it.
The thing about the second bed for Texas is not the bed. It is simply a Jeffery style bed with a bookshelf in the end. But it is the color. This one satisfied the child in me so much that it led to the stupidest thing I have done today, so far. It is called deep ocean and I love it. I have been so excited to see it on the bed, that my kids have told me to stop it. I don't know if the picture does it justice but it is very cool.

Now about the stupid thing I did. I opened the new can of stain eager to get it on the wood. Then I stirred it for what seemed like an eternity waiting to get it on the wood. Then I got a stool and stood on it to get the top of the headboard. I got up on the stool and finally put it on the top of the headboard. Then I wiped it off and stood there looking at the pretty color. Just taking it in, loving it. Then I heard a strange sound that brought me out of my loving the color. It was the sound of the stain hitting the floor. In my wonder at the beauty of the pretty color I for got that I was holding a full can of stain and relaxed my hand. Cleaning it up reminded me that I am in fact a grown up and I should pay attention to what I am doing.

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