Sunday, January 10, 2010

Twin over twin bunk beds

Occasionally I try to make things easier to find on our blog. Other times I have done this by listing each style individually, but this time I am going to do it by kind of bed. If you would like to see each style go to the listings for November of 2009. So this is where it all started for us. We were unemployed and had tools, one day my husband looked at the old set of bunk beds that we Had made into rabbit hutches and said I think I could build those bunk beds, and I said go ahead, you build them and I will try to sell them on craigslist. We call it our James style and it is our most affordable style of bunk beds.
This is our Ciera style in twin over twin. This one has stairs obviously. We can add stairs to any of our bunk and loft beds. These ones have storage drawers, they don't have to. They also don't have to have the big sides. We are doing some for a teenage girl that don't have these things. We also made the dresser next to it that is why they match so well.

This gives you the idea of the look without the stairs, although that third thing is the rail for the stairs.

This is the Jeremy style in twin over twin bunks, and with stairs. I love this style. It has been a big seller for us and it is fun to make.

Again here it is without the stairs in the picture. This is by no means all of the twin over twin beds that we can make. We only build to order so until someone orders the Clair style in twin over twin we won't make one but we can. Also any of these styles can be made in an L instead of the traditional way they are in these pictures. We love it when you give us a challenge and ask for something different. We have never wanted to be a furniture factory building the same thing over and over again so go ahead ask us for something different.


  1. How much for the beds w/the step-drawers?

  2. i was wondering the price on the bunkbeds

  3. i was wondering how much for the one with the steps? and could you make an adjustment instead of the drawers in the front could you put them on the side?

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