Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Totally not a bed

If you came here looking for pictures of bed don't worry there are lots of them just scroll down and you will get to them. But this is a counted cross stitch that I just finished. I am especially proud of it because it took me 10 years to finish. I started it as a shower gift for my pregnant friend. Then I got pregnant myself, four times in 5 years. Then there is all that time with babies around. I quickly found out that counted cross stitch and babies do not go well together. Finally after moving here and realizing that the kids are old enough to leave my things alone I got it out and finished it. Actually it was not that simple, I got it out and then realized I was about an inch and a half short of thread for the border so I had to go and find the right color to finish it. Now that it is done I put it for sale on While I enjoy doing cross stitch I do not really want to have a whole bunch of them hanging in my house. So we'll see if it will sell. I love the idea of painting a picture with thread one stitch at a time. And since I am not very good at painting pictures with paint and a brush it is probably the best I can do. Plus I think it is good for me, I am one of those people with the attention span of a gnat so to make myself sit still and work at something is probably good therepy or something like that.

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