Friday, January 29, 2010

Back from Texas

We got home from our Texas trip on Wednesday night. We were very happy to have beat bad weather home. We spent yesterday in the black hole of email. I hope we are caught up on that. We also had to go and buy some groceries just in case we end up with a storm that keeps us home a few days. So far we have not gotten anything but school is closed so maybe they know something I don't. Anyway this is the first bed from our Texas trip. It is the one I called the Clairamy. Notice how it has the arch on the side rail? That was our customers idea and it looked great. Here is a better shot of the arch, and of the little shelf on the side. Sort of a bedside table for a loft bed.
This is a new dresser design for us. It matches the clair style bed frame with the bead board. The knobs are hers, they looked great. She said that as she was shopping for them she saw some for as much as $30 each. She paid less than $3 at Hobie Loby.

These stairs are also a little different for us we are calling them the Bailee stairs. They are for bigger kids that don't need the safety rail. These also match the Clair with the bead board. And that little door on the side is a storage area that is tall. The top two drawer fronts are fake so that the area could be as large as possible. This girl is 13 and has an instrument and sometimes equipment bags to store so she needed this kind of a space instead of drawers.

This is another little creation my husband made for this bed. She needed a little shelf by her head to set things on. But my hubby thought that it would be wasted space so he made it open so it is a little storage box. She can keep her little treasures in it. Pretty cool. I want one.

A better picture of the shelf.

Behind the dresser are what we called cubbies. Her mom had some folding canvas boxes that she was going to put on them for storage.

We were trying to match some furniture that they had done in a whitewash. We came pretty close. The color is called white oak, and it looked great.

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