Friday, January 29, 2010


This is the Jeffery style in Deep Ocean. I love, love, love this bed! It was so much fun to stain it and watch it turn blue. It looked so good after we set it up in the little mans room. It also had a little shelf for whatsits. And a bookshelf for whatever he should choose to collect.
Didn't I tell you it looked great in his room? But the best part of this bed has nothing to do with us. It is all about what happened after we left. Our customer was kind enough to email us the last picture. Just scroll down to see what they did when we left.

TENTTASTIC!!! Isn't that cool? What little boy would not love that? Or little girl for that part. I have it on good authority that dads love them too.

Now I know that the first thing you thought was "where can I get one of those". My customer was kind enough to tell me where she found this one. First she says that if you google search for
"loft bed tents" you will get a lot to choose from. This one she bought from .

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